My Experience with MEDLINK 2016

On the 16th and 17th of December 2016 I stayed at Nottingham University for a night to partake in Medlink Intensive. As an overall conclusion the weekend was extremely informative and fun. Without attending the experience, I would be no where near as ready as I am now for applying the medical school.


On the Saturday I arrived at the Uni at about 12:00 pm. Initially it was difficult finding my way to the actual reception, but me and my Dad got there eventually. Check in was very smooth and that was where we got given our free stethoscope. Around the building where we were registered there were many stands for abroad universities and medical schools and also there was a KAPLAN stand where staff were eagerly waiting to answer any questions about the UKCAT or BMAT.

After registration my Dad left, and I was worried about making friends, however everyone there was in the same boat as me. We were all there for the same reason and it didn’t take me long before I made friends.  We then were in lectures until 10.30pm (however this period was interrupted by dinner).

When we had dinner, we then went to our accommodation for a bit. The accommodation was nice, and when I was on my own in my room, that’s when the excitement for Uni really started to set in. There was free Wi-Fi which was good and tea and coffee was also provided. Me and the new friends I had made went to get our rooms together so we all ended up next to each other, which was nice however everyone there was so nice it wouldn’t have mattered.

The next morning was an early start, and the lectures that followed were really interesting. Some of my favorite lectures from the weekend were the UKCAT one (a member of KAPLAN went through each section and gave us some helpful information). Also I enjoyed the MMI lecture, and then the social media lecture. However all of them were very useful. The one I didn’t find as useful was the A Level chemistry masterclass. This was because some of the stuff covered in it, I hadn’t studied yet, therefore I didn’t understand it.

The day ended at 6.30pm and it was sad to see everyone leave. For just below three hundred pounds I gained so much useful knowledge about the weekend and really got a true view into what being a medical student is like. Even though the weekend is over- the benefits have not stopped, and there are some interesting projects that MEDLINK have lined up for us to take partake in during the near future.

Thank you.


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