The Future of the NHS

2018 is the year in which the national health service turns 70. With 2016 being labelled as the ‘Armageddon of the NHS’ stated by the bbc, it was clear that in 2017 the structure and course of the NHS had to change.

This information has been taken from the executive summary of the 5 year plan for the NHS.

The most commonly form of NHS treatment given to the public is through General Practices. With waiting times on the rise, it has been published that within the next 5 years 3,250 general practitioners are going to me recruited.  Also the access and availability of GP appointments is looking to be improved. By march in 2019 the whole country will benefit from access to GP appointments later on in evenings and at weekends. In order to carry this task out, funding for primary care is going to increase by £2.4 billion.

As most of you will know Theresa May has abolished the current mental health act. This a great step forward in the acknowledgement of mental health issues. The current treatment of mental health is poor, with thousands going without the help they need. In order to combat this the NHS has proposed to give 60,000 more people getting treatment. Also as mental illness is becoming more common in children and teens, 35,000 more young people shall receive treatment. This will be implemented by recruiting 800 mental health specialists within the next two years.

By 2030 it is estimated that 30 million people will have/have had suffered from some form of cancer. The NHS proposed that next year 5000 extra people a year will survive from cancer. Currently it is a lengthy 62 day stint that people with worrying symptoms related to cancer go through from referral to diagnosis. This is worrying as cancer grows quickly meaning that precious time is taken away from these people, when they could be receiving treatment. The NHS aims to cut this period down to 28 days by 2020. To make these changes a huge £94 million is planned to be spent over the next 18 months to make these changes.

These are only a few of the many changes that the NHS wishes to carry out. There are many more on the NHS England website if you are interested.


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