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Winter Work-experience

Last Christmas, I undertook work experience at a General Practitioner’s surgery, where I spent one week working under the supervision of the manager, Sarah, who took me under her wing and showed me how a General Practitioner ’s surgery is run. I had the experience of patient interaction, in which I learnt how reliant the patients are on their doctors, how a General Practitioner not only has to prescribe medication and do a routine check up, but how they have to take care of things from social care, to observing the mental health of the patient. Being a General Practitioner requires the skill to work with all ages of patients, and being understanding of different situations. I now understand that working as a General Practitioner not only requires you to help people as a doctor, but more so as an adviser. The week at the surgery taught me how important paperwork is, how one document decides whether or not a patient is to be admitted into hospital, and how vital it is to check over the medication prescribed.

I was lucky enough to observe blood being taken and a few minor surgeries. It fascinated me at how complex a minor surgery is, and how talented the General Practitioner has to be to lead this.
This experience really intrigued me, it led me to organise another week of work experience this summer at a different General Practitioner’s surgery, to see if things are carried out the same way at every surgery.

Cancer Research

Last summer, I had the privilege of meeting a very brave woman; a woman who happened to be suffering with breast cancer, for the third time. But, what shocked me, were the smiles on her children’s faces, how even though I had no words to say to their mother, she understood my sadness for her. Her courage determined me to do something, if not for her personally, but for the root of her sickness; so I decided to raise money and awareness for Cancer Research Wales, a charity that’s keeping people going, with the hope that maybe one day we will beat cancer. I raised money by doing various activities; some of which included a charity bungee jump and a sky dive. As I knocked on doors and explained to people the story of this brave woman, who happened to be living very close to us all, more and more people donated money to this cause. Of course, this didn’t seem enough, so I went online and did some research, upon which, I came across many authorised websites which talked about cancer awareness. I noted down many links of these websites and made a few hundred copies, which I handed out to all the people that donated money to the cause, and those that didn’t wish to be a part of it.

I am proud to say that I completed the sky dive and bungee jump in the summer of 2012, and raised £311 for Cancer Research Wales. Since then, I have been researching more fund raising opportunities, and will be participating in the Cancer Research UK’s Race for Life In 2013.

Maybe some of the future doctors, medics, nurses or anyone who wishes to make a difference

Sky Dive
Sky Dive


Bungee Jump
Bungee Jump

on here would like to do something for this amazing cause; if so, just click here and have a look at all these amazing opportunities to help everyone fighting cancer: