Winter Work-experience

Last Christmas, I undertook work experience at a General Practitioner’s surgery, where I spent one week working under the supervision of the manager, Sarah, who took me under her wing and showed me how a General Practitioner ’s surgery is run. I had the experience of patient interaction, in which I learnt how reliant the patients are on their doctors, how a General Practitioner not only has to prescribe medication and do a routine check up, but how they have to take care of things from social care, to observing the mental health of the patient. Being a General Practitioner requires the skill to work with all ages of patients, and being understanding of different situations. I now understand that working as a General Practitioner not only requires you to help people as a doctor, but more so as an adviser. The week at the surgery taught me how important paperwork is, how one document decides whether or not a patient is to be admitted into hospital, and how vital it is to check over the medication prescribed.

I was lucky enough to observe blood being taken and a few minor surgeries. It fascinated me at how complex a minor surgery is, and how talented the General Practitioner has to be to lead this.
This experience really intrigued me, it led me to organise another week of work experience this summer at a different General Practitioner’s surgery, to see if things are carried out the same way at every surgery.

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