12th Night of January

Every year on the twelfth night of January, a fantastic lady Gwyneth Poacher, hosts an event to raise money and awareness for her very own charity- Sandville respite care centre. This centre is the only one of it’s kind in the whole of Wales. It offers caregivers and family members to take a short break from all the every day responsibilities of care-giving. It also offers therapies ranging from hypnosis to reiki. There are a huge number of volunteers who help out each day; night time carers, masseuses and students.

This event was hosted at the Hi Tide in Porthcawl, by the beach front with a celebrity showing also. The theme of the evening was fancy dress, and everyone took it to the next level, from people dressed as Mrs Brown look a-likes to a group of fish in an aquarium! The event raised a great amount of money for the amazing charity which relies solely on donations and fund raising.

It was honestly a night to remember!

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