Dissection of a fish and a lamb heart!

So I’d never dissected a fish before, finally got to that today. The smell was rather strong! The aim was to see all the vital parts of the fish for our gas exchange topic in BY2, it did help, but trying to identify each section was probably the hardest of things. It was so delicate and complex, that I was scared to get my scalpel and tweezers into the poor thing. We finally did identify the gill lamellae, oesophagus and other parts of the fish, now that’s the only thing that will be going through my mind if I get a question on the fish gaseous exchange!

The lamb heart on the other hand wasn’t as bad, as we’ve done it plenty of times before hand. It was quite easy to identify the four valves- tricuspid, bicuspid, pulmonic and aortic, alongside the different sides of the heart. It was a lot more bloody, but I guess that’s expected, and it’s good practice before actually having to dissect human bodies in medicine- if I’m lucky enough to get into medical school.

The heart is complex but I guess having done it three times, you get used to it and it becomes almost like second nature to you, when you have to identify different parts of it. It was difficult to cut through the middle and required just a bit of force but hearing the crunch every time the scalpel cut another part of the heart was probably the most exciting bit of it all. Of course in medical school, dissection will be a lot more advanced but it’s good to get your hands dirty every now and again, even if it is a lambs heart.

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