Animal Testing

Just last night I was browsing the web and came across the PETA website- People for the Ethical Treatment of animals. I started to look around and stumbled upon their page on major brands which test on animals.

This is a very complicated and controversial topic, some say animal testing for medical advancements seems a little more ethical than testing for beauty and hair products, whilst others are completely against any form of animal testing. I’ll let you guys stick with your views without indoctrinating you with mine, but here’s a list of some MAJORLY successful brands that still test on animals for beauty products-
Oral B
Max factor
Head and shoulders
Clean and clear
Calvin Klein
Estée Lauder
Herbal essence

This is just a small list out of the hundreds of companies which do test on animals. If you are against cosmetic animal testing then do your research! I was shocked to find that some of my favourite brands tested their products on animals! I will definitely be researching my products before buying anything.

However to put your minds at ease, there are some great brands such as ’The Body Shop,’ ’Lush’ and ’Revlon’ which don’t test on animals!

Here’s the link to the official PETA web page where you can find out about ANY company and whether or not they test on animals!

And here’s the list of all of the companies which do test on animals

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