Monthly Archives: April 2013

Trip to Heath Hospital, Cardiff

On the 22nd of March, our head of sixth form arranged for 14 pupils from Brynteg to go to Heath hospital for a medical road show. The road show consisted of so many different aspects of medicine, whether it was right at the beginning by applying to medical school, or the different jobs in the NHS, and even how it was working in a lab. Our day was split into two different tours, a a few short talks and an exhibition.

The exhibition highlighted all the different areas of medicine, from ophthalmology to paediatrics and surgery. Each stall had various components and games for us to interact in. The short talks were about a career in medicine, we heard from a clinical doctor and another PhD Dr in maths. It was interesting to see how many different roles there were in the NHS.

The most memorable tour in my opinion was our second tour to the haematology department, where we visited the lab and had a talk about leukaemia and cells.

It’s fascinating to find out that there are over 100 trillion cells in our body! I can’t even begin to imagine that’s possible, but then that’s what intrigues me. This was just one fact, there are thousands of different facts about the human body which I’m itching to find out when I study medicine, whether that hopefully next year, or years to come.

We also visited the physiology department where we participated in various activities. I found out my lungs aren’t so great after taking a breathing test! You breathed into the pipe and the machine drew up a graph of how strong and long one breath of yours was. We also tested out different machines for our back and core strength, reflected on the day now, I think I need to hit the gym and take some singing classes after these tests!

Overall the day was eventful to say the least! I’d highly recommend it as a day to explore medicine!