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Cloning Human Embryos

Who would have guessed that science could progress so far as to producing human embryos? Well it’s been done! I was reading the BBC news earlier and I came across this article on cloning. The concept is similar to the one used with Dolly the sheep, however a lot more expensive. The embryos are used as a source of stem cells which can then go on to make new heart muscle, tissue cells etc.

A team of scientists have managed to produce an embryo with 150 cells. It seems surreal, however, the concept isn’t too difficult to understand. In simple terms, a female’s egg is taken and most of the DNA is removed from within the egg. The egg is injected with the cells of another human being’s skin. Then, with the combination of chemicals and electrical impulses, the cells develops into an embryo.
A five day old embryo is far from a new born baby, however could it be done? Here, in the UK, it’s illegal due to the differentiation between therapeutic and reproductive cloning, however some countries may allow it. We’re still many years away from mastering yet another medical miracle, however if it was to be completed successfully, would you opt for your very own clone, or are there far too many ethical issues concerning this matter? Growing your very own clone to harvest vital organs from seems far fetched, surely, however who’s to say people may not vote in favor for this?
This can be a good thing however, we can clone endangered species to prevent mass extinctions, and help biodiversity, rather than to play about with the moral dilemmas of cloning human beings. Many people will also oppose this, as they’re not in favor of scientists trying to play God, religious opposition will rise due to this discovery, however there are two sides to every story.
Could cloning be the solution to deathly diseases, and heart attacks?

Nuffield Research Project

I recently applied to participate in a Nuffield research project. I can’t wait to find out whether or not I’ll be spending four weeks of my summer surrounded by like minded people researching something that I want!

All of you who won’t be applying to University until next year, get online and research it! It’s a great way to extend your UCAS application, and it makes you stand out from the crowd!

The research project basically entails you to carry out a research project which interests you, whether that’s in biology, chemistry or physics. Nuffield caters for science as a whole.

I’ve chosen to do base my research around biology and chemistry as I want to study medicine. I’m unsure as to what I’ll be researching specifically but I’ll decide that based on whether or not I’m fortunate enough to partake in this project.

It does take up four weeks of your summer, but hey, you’ll be enjoying it, doing something you want to do. You can even apply for a bursary. How much better can it get!

It’s also nationally recognised by admissions tutors, so at the end of it when your receive your certificate, not only will you be able to write about it in UCAS, but it will also qualify as an extra to help you get into university. It shows you’ve really researched your hosed career path, and taken time out of your summer to explore more.

For all those interested to do it next summer, have a look here;