Nuffield Research Programme

After just a few days of attending the Nuffield Research programme, it’s now prominent that my project involves the treatment of prostate cancer. I’m working with prostate cancer cells to see how different treatments such as BME and HGF affect the cell lines. I’ve carried out various experiments to see what the effects of these treatments are on the cell numbers.

Each experiment is different and serves a different purpose, we’re taught how to carry out the experiment and then are required to follow through and write up notes and a report on each technique. The research done all contributes towards cancer research, the findings are repeated three to four times, and everything in our report is double checked to ensure its correct.

So far I’ve already carried out an invasion and motility assay, and had the chance to record my findings; not only is this project extremely independent, it also acquires in depth knowledge of each experiment as there are no gaps for errors. My cells which I’m allocated to work with are PC-3 cells from a 73 year old male, and have been repeatedly split to allow me to continue my work with them.

The Nuffield research programme has thoroughly motivated me to research further into a career in science, having wanting to study medicine at university, this project has benefited me enormously. It has allowed me the chance to better my communication skills as well as being able to follow instructions and work more independently. It was extremely beneficial talking to many of the PhD students and mentors who share similar views regarding science.

This programme has given me the chance to gain more knowledge about certain areas of science and life as a scientist. It has opened up opportunities within science and given me a broader prospective on science careers.

I’ll be uploading my full report after the six weeks of research in the Heath Hospital in Cardiff.

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