After AS-levels

Now that my AS exams are over…Finally! It’s time to start the A2 work, a week into it and it’s already stressful with looking at Universities, course choices, personal statements, EPQ, school work and not forgetting of course the constant worry about getting the results I need. However, on the positive note it is summer and one year of A-levels is over! It is scary growing up however also exciting experiencing new events and responsibilities; and of course responsibility is one of the characteristics needed for the study of medicine.

At this moment of time I am looking to start an EPQ, unfortunately I am finding it difficult to allocate myself a topic I wish to research. I’ve been looking at topics like disabilities, premature births and neurology, I just cannot decide on what to do! It would be preferred for me to do something that is new and fresh, something not a lot of medical students do. I was also considering looking at the technology enhancement in the medical field and how it has contributed to faster diagnoses and effective treatments- as the use of technology is rapidly increasing in everyday hospitals and medical services and the future will rely mainly on this technology.

Also there are some recent discoveries and medical news which are interesting to do an EPQ on such as the CJD resistance gene findings and some medical scandals. There is such a vast variety of of topics to choose from but so little time to choose. I am planning to have my EPQ question by the end of this week…hopefully.

Another task I am planning to have completed by the end of this week is my first proper draft of my personal statement; up until now I have bullet pointed my personal statement however not fully written it. My biggest issue with writing it is my opening few sentences, how on earth do I begin?! How can I make them want to read on…The only way I think I can answer this is to write several drafts and present them to people around me, taking their opinions, advice and improvements. I have figured that this is a working progress and that it will take me a lot of work for it to be to the best of my ability. But of course I will keep going until I reach the finished piece as I am determined to reach my dream of studying medicine.

If there is anyone who would like to discuss EPQ’s and personal statements with me you’re more than welcome to contact me as I am sure we would both benefit from each other greatly.

Work Experience

Since my last blog, I have started doing more work experience and volunteering to aid in the success of the journey I am taking. I want to commit a lot of my time in exploring the life style of doctors and medical students and their everyday roles and jobs, also volunteering to help the community I’m living in. I find that a doctors role is very important as it does not consist of one aspect, in fact many different responsibilities combined creating the Doctors role.

I luckily managed to get work experience at a GP (surgery), I find this very interesting as although it’s not the typical hospital setting, I get to not only view the practical work of the Doctors and their work places but also all the theory work. I have managed to work with a great team of doctors, nurses and receptionists in the past weeks and had first hand experiences with dealing with patients, clients and carers. Through getting work experience at this GP I have managed to understand the ‘confidentiality’ aspect of working and the importance of the patients well being; also being caring and attentively listening to them. Not only have I just dealt with the public patients but also seen and sorted medical records (Lloyd George records), blood forms, prescriptions and appointments.  Interestingly I found out that Lloyd George records have that name as they were created when Lloyd George introduced the Health organisation for workers. I would like to go further with my work experience here and see the Doctors in action more- however with the case of confidentiality it will be hard. I’m hoping to find another GP to gain experience at and view the difference in work places and then go further and compare this with the hospital atmosphere.

As well as work experience, I have had the brilliant chance to work along side kids with disabilities. I volunteer at a youth club for disabled children on Wednesday evenings, this is one of the most interesting experiences I have had so far on this journey. I have been so interested in volunteering there, that I am hoping to do some further studies in their disabilities in the year ahead. I enjoy working with a range of different people and to be fairly honest have found, despite their disabilities, are bright and focussed on what occurs around them- different to the belief of many people. I would recommend this kind of volunteering to everyone, especially us students wishing to study Medicine in the upcoming years! In the next couple of weeks I will be starting my volunteering at a care home for elderly citizens. I will be interested to see the contrast between the two of these places, and the similarities between them.

I am only at the start of my work experience and volunteering, there is still a long way to go! I would love to have contact with any current medical students and aspiring Doctors to discover more on how to successfully reach university. It would be much appreciated if anyone could get in contact with me and let me know more. Also the exchange of ideas would be great.. as aspiring Doctors we should inspire and help each other out, therefore if anyone wants someone to discuss issues and topics, feel free to contact me!


I am an A level student wishing to apply to Medical universities in around a years time…

It’s almost been half a year of sixth form and I’ve already seen the struggles and triumphs students experience. Being a student wanting to carry on higher education in Medicine makes the journey even harder with higher expectations. High grades, lots of work experience, confidence, UKCAT and BMAT…a whole load of work! However, I am determined to achieve the future of a Doctor. I aspire to succeed.

I have always been told persistence and commitment is key and this journey will require a handful of commitment (I say a handful, meaning an immense amount). This was stressed to me by parents, teachers, friends and most importantly everyone who took part in the Medlink 3 day Conference in December. Every single being involved in that, whether a student or a lecturer, markedly inspired me.  I really found the conference very beneficial, allowing me to gain deeper understanding of applying to Medical Courses and the responsibility of being a Doctor; making me strive for greater success. It also presented me with the vast number of students pursuing the future of Medics. I was amazed by how EVERYONE was interested in the same field, same subjects, same educational ability with similar high grades and all wanting that same ONE outcome…They were all aspiring Doctors. This emphasised to me how popular this career was, how competitive it is to achieve success and most importantly how much I want this. Everyone who was present is capable of succeeding, I ask myself ‘what would mean I would be successful out of all the people?’. I concluded that commitment, research and hard effort would be the most necessary actions. Commit to earning and deserving to study at Medical school, Research what is necessary and what is wanted, ‘what will make me unique?’ and put 100% in all I do, ensuring all I execute is to high standards. Also without all the inspiration, support and encouragement from family, friends and school/educational programmes- I do not think it is possible to succeed fully, therefore I am extremely appreciative of all the support I have received and am receiving in my school years.

A common question I receive is ‘What inspires you?’, in all honesty my usual reply is the simple ‘ The human body has always interested me and people older than me working in the field inspire me’. However, I have considered this question further and found that thinking of one sophisticated answer to convey all what inspires me was harder than I thought. Of course as students pursing to study medicine our first reason would be to help people more than anything and then that the anatomy of the body really interests us; but I want my answer to be unique, an answer which would entice people to finding out more. These two reasons are shown to be the most common answers from the ones collated by universities, so they’re not sufficient. I hope that by summer I have managed to combine and put to words the many reasons a career in medicine has become my biggest goal, necessity and greatest interest, as to ‘What was the reason/inspiration to choosing this?’- I want my response to be impressive and unique.

This is my first blog and I thought it was ideal to start off by showing what ‘inspiration’ means to this field and the way we study- even at school. We are the future doctors(hopefully) therefore, we need to ensure we are the best and inspiration and support play a big role in this. I hope that all these mini steps I’m taking lead to a successful career in Medicine and a future as a Doctor and I thank everyone who has inspired me and supported me so far.