After AS-levels

Now that my AS exams are over…Finally! It’s time to start the A2 work, a week into it and it’s already stressful with looking at Universities, course choices, personal statements, EPQ, school work and not forgetting of course the constant worry about getting the results I need. However, on the positive note it is summer and one year of A-levels is over! It is scary growing up however also exciting experiencing new events and responsibilities; and of course responsibility is one of the characteristics needed for the study of medicine.

At this moment of time I am looking to start an EPQ, unfortunately I am finding it difficult to allocate myself a topic I wish to research. I’ve been looking at topics like disabilities, premature births and neurology, I just cannot decide on what to do! It would be preferred for me to do something that is new and fresh, something not a lot of medical students do. I was also considering looking at the technology enhancement in the medical field and how it has contributed to faster diagnoses and effective treatments- as the use of technology is rapidly increasing in everyday hospitals and medical services and the future will rely mainly on this technology.

Also there are some recent discoveries and medical news which are interesting to do an EPQ on such as the CJD resistance gene findings and some medical scandals. There is such a vast variety of of topics to choose from but so little time to choose. I am planning to have my EPQ question by the end of this week…hopefully.

Another task I am planning to have completed by the end of this week is my first proper draft of my personal statement; up until now I have bullet pointed my personal statement however not fully written it. My biggest issue with writing it is my opening few sentences, how on earth do I begin?! How can I make them want to read on…The only way I think I can answer this is to write several drafts and present them to people around me, taking their opinions, advice and improvements. I have figured that this is a working progress and that it will take me a lot of work for it to be to the best of my ability. But of course I will keep going until I reach the finished piece as I am determined to reach my dream of studying medicine.

If there is anyone who would like to discuss EPQ’s and personal statements with me you’re more than welcome to contact me as I am sure we would both benefit from each other greatly.

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  1. Hiya, I am also finding it really difficult to pick a topic for my EPQ. I am thinking about doing malaria but it is such an extensive field that I am still unsure.. also I was wondering if the EPQ is essential for medicine application? Also how do you recommend best handling your EPQ, personal statement and UKCAT this summer??

    • Malaria does sound like a brilliant topic…however, will you be able to achieve all the necessary research and also did you do it in your AS biology units? If so I think it would be better to try and explore other areas!Well… this was my wonder for ages, I have spoke to a lot of universities and teachers about it and they said its a good idea to do an EPQ as most medical applicants do one; meaning if you don’t have one it may put you at a disadvantage. Also many universities are starting to look at EPQ’s more in the coming years so it would be worth putting yourself in the best position. Also with handling the 3 I recommend that you enforce strict deadlines for yourself (for drafts of personal statements etc), this is the way I am working on it. For the UKCAT, I have not actually began revision but I have bought a revision book for it- contact me if you want the details. I also have a book for personal statement writing and interview skills a long with the BMAT. Also stay positive, you’ve got this!! Thank you.

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