About me

Hello all! My name is Heba Turki, 17 years old…and as you can probably guess I’m going to be writing blogs consisting of topics involving weekly/monthly challenges, triumphs and failures I’m faced with. Also some medical topics and recent Health News…I would love some discussions and debates! I am always inspired reading all of these blogs, receiving advice and guidance and I hope that my blogs will have that effect on some people.

I take the AS subjects Chemistry, Biology and Maths (the usual combination for aspiring Doctors) along with my fourth subject contrasting the 3.. Art. I picked art as I think it creates a balance between my academic and creative side. It has also provided me with many skills that would greatly help in the study of medicine, acquiring perseverance and good time management.

I love to be involved in many activities around my school and also my community.I have done many events, and would like to expand my experiences. I live in Boston,Lincolnshire…a small town, and go to Boston High School, my dream is to become a successful Doctor- this would allow me to have a continuous journey of learning reaching high levels of knowledge which is one of my goals.

I hope you enjoy my blog posts, thank you for reading!

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