Biref Information of Stellite Alloy 6 (Stellite 6)

The professional Stellite Alloy manufacturer – Shenyang Top New Material Co.,Ltd, since its inception in 2001, and after many years of development and growth, the company is now playing a leading role in stellite alloy manufacture industry in China.

Stellite Alloy 6 is the most widely used cobalt base alloy and exhibits good all-round performance. It has excellent resistance to many forms of mechanical and chemical degradation over a wide temperature range, and retains a reasonable level of hardness.

Particular attributes are its outstanding self-mated anti-galling properties (which result in its wide use as a valve seat material), its high temperature hardness, and a high resistance to impact and cavitation erosion.

The alloy is ideally suited to a variety of hardfacing processes. It has less tendency to crack than Stellite 12 in multiple layers, but is more wear resistant in abrasion and metal-to-metal or galling conditions. It can be turned with carbide tooling. Stellite 6 is used on valve seats and gates; pump shafts and bearings, erosion shields and rolling couples. It is often used self-mated.

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