UPDATE: Exciting news!!!

If you have read my first blog post, you would know that I am a strong advocate of volunteering and everything that it stands for.

So I am excited to say that a huge opportunity has just come to me as a result of my work as a volunteer.

If you haven’t read my last blog post, I was part of a team of 12 volunteers last summer. I spent the majority of the summer holidays in my local hospital playing board games with patients, helping out with the lunch service, fundraising for new equipment and even running a campaign to raise awareness on depression. To my astonishment, our hard work has been recognised and we have been nominated as the ‘Volunteer Team of the Year’ by Helpforce. Helpforce is an organisation that promotes volunteering within the NHS and tries to encourage people to take up volunteering. As I am equally passionate about volunteering, it is surreal to have been recognised by a big organisation that shares the same ideals as me.

The point of this post is to highlight to everyone the opportunities that can present themselves to you through trying new things. When I first applied to become a volunteer, I was apprehensive and definitely would’ve never expected this outcome. Now, I have just filmed a video for Helpforce about what it means to be a volunteer and I am attending an awards ceremony next week!

Stay tuned for a post about the awards ceremony!!!!!

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