This is going to hurt…

Just finished reading This is Going to Hurt by Adam Kay. Its a deeply moving book, of how he, as a junior doctor, was responsible for the lives of his patients, and how he had to somehow deal with the consequences of his actions, when it went wrong. It has given me an insight into the mental struggle all healthcare professionals must face. How they must not let it affect them as a doctor, but how they inevitably still feel a sense of loss for human life. I would thoroughly recommend this book, especially to anyone aspiring to do medicine.

Every Journey has a Destination

Hi all! This is the start of my blog, documenting the experiences I go through on my journey to medical school. New insights I gain, personal struggles, and a general story of how my journey is going will be updated on here weekly, and hopefully, I can look back on this one day and see the mountain I have climbed.

Looking forward to getting back to this blog đŸ™‚