Review of the year 2017- An unforgettable year…

First of all, I’d like to just point out that without a doubt 2017 has been an unforgettable year for me. So much had happened and I have grown so much as a person by really taking in all the opportunities I had faced during last year. I just hope 2018 can challenge me further and I hope to strive further into building a successful career and mindset. 😉 – no I’m not gonna say “new year new me”- because you can’t change overnight BUT you can make a start. In fact, I feel that I am gonna continue doing what I’m doing and accept that procrastination gets in the way of my hustle yet this year I’m going to be in control of being able to acknowledge it and push my way through like a Bawse!

Anyways…let me take a deep breath and take you through my world to show you one of the best years of my life: ‘2017’

Not gonna lie, the first day of 2017 was pretty much average- I went to a Temple in London in the morning and pretty much got lost. Ok, let me explain. Imagine you are in a Hindu Temple FULL of people…now imagine waiting for your family to turn up and trying to find them within this crowd…yeah- it was hectic. Eventually all was well and things turned out pretty good! This year has been all about Friendship, new starts and learning more about myself when faced with many challenges. I have done a lot of major things in 2017: finished my entire secondary education/ my GCSE’s, started my A-levels(enabling me to realise how many more challenges I was yet to face), learnt to cook Indian cuisine, had a surprise birthday party,finally went to Prom, got/ started 2 jobs! Used my own hard-earned money to pay for an upcoming trip to Morocco. Researched sooo much about Medicine and learnt lots about the reality of the career. But most importantly, what really hit home the hardest was when my mother was diagnosed with Cancer. This truly made me realise how mature I would have to be in order to handle the situation at home and emotionally thus I had to learn to make the best out of it.

I have had so much exposure to hospitals in 2017 and not only did that enable me to grow a passion for the healthcare profession but it had majorly shown me the many aspects of the hospital environment from the receptionists, to the nurses to the doctors, EVERYTHING can only be made possible by their efficiency as one entire team. Watching each nurse interacting with not only my mother but the many others who were in the renal wards and undergoing chemotherapy enabled me to see their passion in their jobs.

Soon after starting college I had to learn to travel independently by train on a daily-basis and also started my Duke of Edinburgh Silver award- which consists of volunteering,up-taking a physical activity and an expedition. I also began  joining medical societies and really delved deep into the world of medicine by researching and visiting Universities. One day that really taught me about not only medicine but about the motivation and self-belief needed throughout the journey to get there was the Medlink expedition 2017 and seminar with James Ridgeway.

I am so privileged to have gained so much knowledge and have met so may amazing people this year and I can honestly say as each day went past, my love for the Medical profession only grew more. On the flip side I began taking into account other career options such as journalism and began exploring my other talents such as dance and singing as I started preparing for my Dance Diploma and considered applying for singing competitions. My hustle did not stop there as I then started applying for voluntary work and work experience at my local hospitals and started inquiring about paid work at my local pharmacy as I knew it could be beneficial for my knowledge of Healthcare.

“All-in-all…I can go on and on about the good and bad experiences I had faced in 2017 but I just wanted to thank God and more importantly myself, for allowing all these opportunities and experiences to come my way because it had allowed me to learn so much about myself and about others around me and these lessons will indefinitely be of use in years to come.”

Now bring on 2018! This year I hope to hustle hard and face many more opportunities. It is gonna be full on: applying for Universities, travelling to Morocco etc .Well, let’s just say ‘No expectations- let nature take it’s course and we’ll carry on hustling hard to achieve our goals no matter how big or small’. Here’s to 2018... 🙂

Dream Big…Let it Become a Reality


Hiya! I’m Thurka. Now, if your new to my Blog I’d like to tell u a bit about myself: In a nutshell, I’m a student who has a big dream of becoming a Doctor. I might be right in thinking your in the same position or would like to be too because you have visited this page…well if that’s the case I applaud you in making that decision and I’m here to give you some tips and feedback based on my personal journey to study Medicine.

Hopefully there will be many moments I can look back on and it may or may not help you become a med-student or doctor overnight BUT it will be a start point/stepping point to your own personal journey. I won’t be your personal coach or your tutor as I have limited experience and this is YOUR journey- however- I can be someone who is on the same boat as you thus will be able to help you reflect or simply be someone to share some support…
Now. You wanna become a Doctor? Then ‘Believe’ you Can be. I’m with you on this and Good Luck- it’s gonna be a bumpy ride! 🙂