3 Reasons Why We Should All ‘Speak Science’

Too often I get really excited about a new medical/ scientific concept I’ve just learnt about about and end up talking the ear off everyone I run into telling them what I’ve just discovered. Too often I’m met back with blank confused stares and polite nods- much too often and herein lies the problem.

So here are the top 3 reasons why I think everyone should speak science.

  1. To Get With The Times

The vast majority of modern society is made to feel like to understand medical or scientific terminology you have to be a member of an elite and exclusive club of PhD students and well-established scientists. Unfortunately this seems to be the case a lot of the time and is why I believe medical and scientific language should become the norm.  My main reason however is that science, medical or otherwise has become so integrated into our society that it’s quite frankly surprising that so many of us aren’t well versed in it.

2. To Tackle Social Inequality

Popularising the frequent use of scientific terminology enables us to further increase opportunities for social mobility and makes STEM more accessible for your average working-class citizen. 

3. To Create A More Educated Society

It means when you and I are browsing the web desperately searching for the answer to that science worksheet, words like ‘hematotoxic’ no longer strike fear into our hearts. Unfortunately we aren’t all going to be, nor can we all become science geniuses overnight, but it means that scientific words no longer appear foreign or feel alien in our mouths. It means we can go to the doctors and be reassured that we don’t have a bicuspid aortic valve rather than being told in a polite but rather patronising manner that ‘your heart is perfectly fine’.

This would mean that people are more educated about their health. day to day dealings and society is progressing. Isn’t that what we are all aiming for?

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