Day 1 – young ranger academy


My first day at yorkshire wildlife parks very own young ranger academy was interesting, exciting, tiring and overall a very good day.

When arriving into the group of around 10, I got to know everyones name and a bit about them all, it turns out a few were my age and also keen on veterinary, so it seems i was in the right place to getting another step closer to my dream. The rangers took us to out classroom for the week, where we were approached with t-shirts and a portfolio for the week full of worksheets and photos. We began the day, learning about the history of zoos and how horrific they were centurys ago Compared to the great lives animals in captivity today lead. As it was reptile day we spent the afternoon with the reptiles, as I own a tortoise myself I already knew a lot about the condidtions needed for reptiles in captivity. We held all the reptiles and took reading of the temperature and humidity in their vivariums. My favourite reptile was spike the egyptian spiny-tailed lizard, even though his tail was deformed from the previous owners that the park had rescued him from. After a tour of the whole park, I headed home ready for another full day.

libby ramsden x 

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