young ranger academy!


Yorkshire wildlife park is a fabulous place, that gives animals a safe and natural place to live and provides so many young people with a start to a career in the animal world.

I applied and sucessfully achieved a place on the young ranger academy, a week long course that gives 15-17 year olds an insight into a career with animals. There is theory work in classrooms, which teaches about history of zoos, enrichment, eclosure design and much more. However along with all that there is the practical side, which allows you to get upclose and personal with all the exotic animals available including the rare amur leapords and Nissan then new Polar bear!

Not only is it great fun and helps you meet new people,  the course teaches you so much about all the different exotic inhabitants there are at the park and helps you build up all the vital work experience needed to start a career and a very beneficial point to add to any CV or personal statement. 

I highly recommend this for anyone who is interested in a career with animals, or veterinary like me.

Libby Ramsden x

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