Day 2 – young ranger academy


Day 2 in the young ranger academy at yorkshire wildlife park, was another packed day full of knowledge and fun practical.  The day started off with the theory side of things, learning about enrichment and enclosure design and how yorkshire wildlife parks enclosures are specially adapted, for example the the Baboon enclosure has a half pipe around the top of the fence to ensure they cannot climb over. We designed a giraffe enclouse with all the different aspects needed.

After lunch, we prepared the morning feed for then Marmosets and Baboons. The marmosets food needed to be chopped up into smaller pieces for them to consume, they also require a jelly or gum that is similar to the sap in the trees that they would find in the wild. The jelly or gum smells like the foam bananna sweets , love it.The Baboons eat a lot more vegetable and leafy greens because they require more protein from the leaves, they also eat old world monkey pellets. 

To give enrichment, we made parcels from rice paper full of seeds and pellets, we threw them in the baboon enclosure and observed them rip them open and carefully pick the seeds out. They are very intelectual animals. We also carved pumpkins and filled them with mealworms and put them in the meerkat enclosure, they were so inquisitive and got in the pumpkin straight away. The day ended and we were ready for an even earlier start the next morning.

Libby Ramsden x 

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