Day 3 – young ranger academy


Day 3 began earlier than normal, at 8:30, in order to have time to complete more practical than normal. We began in the Baboon enclosure bright and early and fed them the food we had prepared to day before, whilst they were enjoying their breakfast, we got busy cleaning the outside pen. There was poo picking, window cleaning, fence checking and raking to do. Once that was completed and we were sure the doors were locked, the baboons were released outside, with Romulus the dominant leading. We got started cleaning inside, there was a full clean to do. Firstly removing all the straw and sawdust and  remaining food. We scrubbed the walls and climbing shelves with brushes and sprayed it with the hosepipe. Then left it to dry before returning later to fill with straw again.

We returned to the classroom and we learnt all about hoofstock. At yorkshire wildlife park there is lots of hoofstock including Camels, Giraffes, Lechwe, Addax and more.

In the afternoon, we got busy picking nettles from the field, 5 bin bags full! After a lot of hardwork carrying the bags the whole length of the park to the Giraffe enclosure. We filled mesh balls with the nettles and hung them up for the Giraffes to enjoy. But then it came to the dirty work. We got stuck in picking up all the poo and sweeping the sandy substrate then filling it back up with straw again.

Libby ramsden x 


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