Day 4 – young ranger academy



Day 4 began in the classroom again, learning about the carnivores on the park, there is the critically endangered amur leapords, the amur tigers, the african lions, painted dogs, polar bears and not forgetting the incredibly cute meerkats. Yorkshire wildlife park is very lucky to have 4 amur leapord in the park, due to there only being 35 left in the wild.

we took a behind the scenes tour of the leapord and tiger house and got to see their menu for the day. They go through so much meat!! 

we returned back to the classrooms and the leaders taught us all about the conservation they do on site. Yorkshire wildlife park is a part of many conservation charitys like the painted dog charity, the polar protection, wild welfare amd many more.

After lunch, we took a trek to the lion enclosure. Where the rangers took us into the very smelly meat container. There was loads of carcuses and horse heads hanging. Urghh! I was suprised to find that that would only last them a week. Laura the lion keeper took us to see the lions. we fed them small pieces of red meat with tongs if they responded to hand signals. We went into the lions indoor pens and got started cleaning. First we removed all the wet sawdust and dirty straw. Next we scrubbed the water bowl and floors then finally put clean bedding and swept up.

libby ramsden x

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