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Topaz the miniature- So proud I managed to take this photo
Topaz the miniature- So proud I managed to take this photo


Hi guys, 

 It was only last month I came across a new donkey sanctuary in my local area. Well as most aspiring vets would do, I went to go have a visit and ask if they would like any help on a weekly basis, and luckily for me they were more than happy to take me on board.

The sanctuary, began about 8 years ago when the current owner was around the age of ten. Unfortunately she developed a condition which caused her to lose the ability to read or write. She couldn’t do 1+1. However her Mum invested in a rescue donkey and over time her and the donkey got better together. Like most people they got attatched to donkeys and somehow inherited more and more so decided to set up a sanctuary for them And that’s how it all started. The sanctuary is called ‘Wonkey Donkey’ which rather amused me considering the conditions of the donkeys when they arrive.

Currently, there are 18 donkeys in the sanctuary which have travelled from all around the world. From Texas to Ireland and from closer to home, in Leeds. However they have all made it to Wonkey Donkey where they receive the well deserved treatment that they have earned.

I help out every weekend from 8am til 4pm and I love it… Perhaps not the mucking out part but thats all part of the job, in the mornings its the normal mucking out and feeding and grooming the donkeys, but in the afternoon its a lot more social interaction, I give guided tours to the public, a benefit of just turning 16, where I tell them the storys behind each donkey. Some of the storys are just horrific.

Not only is it a fun job but its a great way to gain the vital experience that is needed and it’s yet another thing to put on the CV and personal statement, which is all important when it comes to the university applications. My advice for all you wanna be vets out there is to gain as much experience possible, and don’t just spend 5 years helping out on your uncles stables, variety is key.

Thanks for reading

Libby ramsden 🙂


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