One of the biggest part of becoming a vets is your grades, you wont’t get into a university without good, even excellent, GCSE’s and A-level’s. Most universitys expect A-A*s at GCSE and AAA at A-level, depending on the course. So deciding to become a vet takes a lot of revision, I am currently studying for my GCSE’s which are in less than a month, and my whole life seems to be revise, revise and revise some more. If you dont have the grades or the dedication to get those grades there are other possiblities around it, such as veterinary nursing or taking an entry level course at university but the shortest way to get there is by working hard and getting those grades. 

My new chick always wanting attention when I revise
My new chick always wanting attention when I revise. 

In the picture is my newly born chick, which loves to revise with me, she lives in my room and she gets bored when I revise and don’t give her attention

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