NHS Pension Changes leading to “Industrial Action”

“Doctors will stop providing non-urgent care for a day next month in the first industrial action by the profession for nearly 40 years.”

The reason behind this strike day is due to pension changes that have been enforced by the government. Doctors feel as though they are unfairly treated as pension age for retirement for doctors rise from 65 –> 68 years of age. Hence it comes as no surprise why the turnout of the ballot was:

“Of those balloted, half responded. Among the main groups of doctors the results were overwhelming.

Some 79% of GPs, 84% of hospital consultants and 92% of junior doctors who responded voted in favour.”

These pension changes that were implemented in 2008 would affect retired doctors by forcing them the highest and greatest earners to increase contributions. Meaning those earning over £110,000 a year will end up contributing 14.5% of their salary to subsidise the lower paid pensions.

So this has caused BMA leader Dr Hamish Meldrum to enforce industrial action. This will take place on the 21st June 2012. It will mean that all non-urgent care will be postponed, i.e regualr GP appointments.

BMA Officials stress that patient safety will not be at risk as all urgent and emergency care will still take place. BMA leader Dr Hamish Meldrum says that “We are taking this step very reluctantly and would far prefer to negotiate for a fairer solution. ”

Source – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-18254499

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