Prospects Aluminum Enameled Wire

Xinyu Enameled aluminum wire is a new type of enameled wire with copper clad aluminum material as the inner conductor. Its knot has the advantages of copper and aluminum, so it is not only excellent in electrical conductivity but also light in weight. Aluminum enameled wire has been used in many fields, so it will have good application prospects both now and in the future.

In recent years, the position and role of the enameled wire industry in the development of the national economy has become more and more prominent, but because the price of electrolytic copper continues to rise, it has brought a relatively large impact to the related copper wire raw material production and enameled wire supply manufacturers. Under this background, the appearance and application of copper-clad aluminum enameled wire has been proved to be able to replace pure copper enameled wire by user use, which provides a very large business opportunity and a broad market for the development of China’s enameled wire industry.

The traditional pure copper enameled wire mostly uses pure copper as a raw material, which is not only costly, but also vulnerable to shortage of resources. At present, the copper-clad aluminum enameled wire launched by xinyu-enameledwire can not only replace (or super-effectally replace) pure copper in many fields.

In addition, the production cost can be effectively reduced. The replacement of pure copper by enameled aluminum wire and the substitution of imports will greatly promote the development of the national economy and the improvement of the technical level in related fields and the reduction of manufacturing costs.

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