A Failing NHS?

With everyone making New Years Resolutions, now looks like a good time for the NHS to decide that by the end of the year it will ‘have reached the waiting time targets’ and ‘be up to the care standards set out by the CQC’ will be theirs. BBC health correspondent Nick Triggle wrote an article , ” I the NHS going to break in 2017?”, and if the things I mentioned earlier don’t improve then it looks like experts think that is a possibility.
This is by no means a hate post towards the NHS but surely they must know that these are the dangers and have figured out ways fix them?
I understand that money is a problem and I admit, I don’t understand how money is handed out by the government. However, surely such a valuable institution as the NHS deserves as much funding as it needs to provide this nation’s citizens with healthcare. So rather than simply close departments in NHS hospitals, why not shut them whilst putting into place plans to reopen them.
If staffing is the problem then hit it at the base, a demand for professionals means more students need to be trained, in which case provide more places at universities for medical students.
This is something that is going to happen in 2018, but the affects wont be seen for a few years after that. If the NHS can just hold on and not break until this new wave of junior doctors graduate, then we might be able to have a fully functioning NHS that achieves the waiting time targets and everything else it needs to.
So, I think that the by looking forward to when things will get better, the NHS will make it through this year and many more without breaking but follow the link at the top to the article and you can come to your own conclusion. Use the comments to challenge me if our opinions differ and I will try to answer.

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