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Welcome to my blog!

My name’s Eden and I am planning to use this blog to document my premed experiences, and the journey I take towards being a doctor. Hopefully, this will be a useful source for anyone else considering medicine, and an opportunity for me to document and reflect on my experiences.

I have just returned from an exhausting two days in Nottingham on the Medlink course – exhausting, but the most inspiring and useful course I’ve attended! With tips on applying to medical school I would 100% recommend it to any L6/year 12 student who aspires to be a doctor, not only because of its content but the incredible opportunity to talk to likeminded individuals across the country, and learn about their experiences.

As for a bit of information about me, I am 17 and studying biology, chemistry, maths and history at A-Level in Cambridgeshire. The decision to apply for medicine is not one I’ve made quickly and has taken me a lot of thought, but I really feel like it is the course, and career that suits my personality and caring nature. I am a huge ‘people person’ and love engaging with new people from all walks of life. As for my current work experience, I volunteer at a dementia day centre once a week, but also teach disabled children (alongside other adults and children) to sail.

I hope that at least someone finds this blog useful or interesting, and I’m super excited for whats to come.

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