I haven’t written anything on my blog for a while as I have been doing my AS exams, but now that they are all out the way, and my gold DofE expedition that I did all last week is finished, (which really did teach me what teamwork really was as we had never worked together before and we weren’t friends before we were put together, it also taught me that at times you just have to let your pride go and when someone does something to annoy you, you just have to brush it off, smile and accept it, just for the better of the team!  And in the end when we all worked together, it all paid off, we did well and I certainly learnt a lot!) , I can start blogging again this week.

However, it won’t be for long as on Saturday 6th-8th July I am doing Medsim then on the 11th July I go away to Tanzania for 18 days, which will give me plenty to talk about!  Even though these activities might not seem relevant to medicine they are teaching me many of the skills I will need such as teamwork, patience, good communication and listening skills, courage to be strong willed in some decisions and being more understanding whatever the circumstances.