Dr: A Prefix or a Superpower?

Mr. Miss. Mrs. Ms. Dr. Prince. Princess. Titles that are composed of just a few letters, yet these words become your lifelong identification.  A word that is merely placed in front of your name becomes your biggest superpower.

Dr. A simple prefix. It earns you respect, prestige, and a reputation that one desires. It is a natural human response to yearn this. However that is not the full story.  Being a doctor requires compassion, sympathy, empathy and rigidity.

Someone’s life is in your hands.

A Doctor must do everything in his power to save lives, preserve health, or at least alleviate the suffering. Just think how it is such a highly rewarding career, and the satisfaction of being able to ease someone’s pain is truly invaluable.  And that is what makes it your superpower. Interestingly, you can think that the only crown worn around the neck is the stethoscope.  This is so unique, and a characteristic of a doctor only.

What does the word doctor mean to you? is it just a prefix or a superpower?

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