How Do I Stop Spam Comments?

To reduce the number of Spam comments you can do two things.
First in your Site Dashboard at the top you will see this message: Akismet is almost ready. You must enter your Akismet API key for it to work.

Akismet is a Spam comments blocker.

When you click on it in your Dashboard you can then go to the Akismet site to get a Key which is free for personal use. After you sign up and move the Pay slider to the left to Zero, you will emailed your API key wich you can then insert into the Akismet anti-spam plugin.

The other thing you can do is in your Settings > Discussion Settings, you can set it so that you as Administrator have to approve all comments before they will appear. This does mean you should check your blog on a daily basis though as you do want to discourage the genuine bloggers who are making good comments about your Posts.

Any that still appear you can mark as Spam. That way the comment and IP address are recorded by Akismet and it will not come back to you or to any other site protected by Akismet.

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