If you are wondering what KTSE means it stands for “Keeping the same energy”. Some may wonder what that has to do with medicine and this page is here to explain the meaning behind the title and much more.

In the generation I live in I have come to realise that we put a lot of our energy into social media, celebrities and “image” I know i’m guilty of it but, what came to my mind was if we could put the same energy we put into social media and following celebrity trends into improving healthcare, how much we could evolve as humans and helpĀ  generations to come.

For me the evolution of humans happens through medicine, how can humans live longer?, how can we eradicate certain diseases?, the ethics within medicine and how we can tighten them to stop tragedies from happening. These are the questions that run through my mind when it comes to medicine and I thought if I could actually voice them on a platform such as a blog that I may also influence you, the readers to think and research.

Above I used the word “influence”. In my blog header I wrote “diary of a future medic and INFLUENCER” and that’s exactly what I mean. I want to inspire people my age, younger and older to take care of their health and to educate them in how to do so and by becoming a doctor I will have the expert knowledge to pass on. This being one of many reasons why I want to study medicine

Moreover, as a woman I also want to to support my ladies, give credit to those who have really pioneered and done things within the healthcare industry. Furthermore, through some of my interests and research give hope to women of today and the future that there will be future developments with helping them for example artificial ovaries that can help women conceive who have suffered from ovarian cancer and other diseases which have affected their chances of having children.

I try to make my posts as personal as possible and interesting by shedding light on some things that have also happened in my life by incorporating stories and also not to hold back on my opinions on things that matter to me and hopefully you.

As I have gotten older I have come to love feedback and criticism. I am aware that my opinions are not universal and I would love to read comments on what you think of the topic I have wrote about and any topics you find interesting within healthcare.

Happy reading