About us

We are a group of sixth formers who are aspiring to go into STEM-related fields. Our natural curiosity to understand our world and the human body has inspired us to write and research different aspects of science and technology. In this way, we aim to educate not only ourselves but also the readers about everyday science.

Our former three main administrators were – Antonia Jayme, Muskaan Pearl Jonathan, and Bernice Mangundu.

Joerel Gestopa is currently the new administrator for this website. He is a second-year Biochemist who attends the University of East Anglia. He will post at least once a month about something in the STEM field – primarily biology. There will be occasions where he will post more than once a month.

There will be guest bloggers who will also participate and share their interest in the STEM field.

If you are interested in having your view here on this page, do not hesitate to email us! If we think your writing is acceptable, it can be featured here!

We hope you enjoy the contents of our blog!