Home Remedies for Snoring

  • LOSING WEIGHT as overweight people are more likely to snore
  • SLEEPING ON ONE SIDE as people are more likely to snore if they sleep on their back
  • AVOIDING SMOKING AND ALCOHOL as these irritate the throat airway and cause the throat muscles to vibrate
  • AVOIDING SLEEPING PILLS as these lead to a very deep sleep, thus relaxing throat muscles and causing snoring
  • ELEVATING THE HEAD as this can help to open the airway
  • TREATING ALLERGIES as allergies can cause blocked airways
  • USING NASAL SPRAYS OR STRIPS as these can stop inflammation of the nose and airways
  • CHANGING SLEEP POSITION as this can help stop neck muscles from becoming crimped
  • KEEPING BEDROOM AIR MOIST as dry air can irritate the nose and throat
  • EXERCISING MORE even if it doesn’t lead to weight loss, because toning the throat muscles can lead to less snoring
  • REPEATING EACH VOWEL OUT LOUD FOR THREE MINUTES A FEW TIMES EACH DAY to strengthen the upper respiratory tract
  • SINGING MORE as this can increase muscle control in the throat

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