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My Medlink Experience

3D Brain Model

Dopamine and exercise

Beating Heart Built From Stem Cells

Brain Problems In Babies

All About Cancer

Premature Birth Risk Linked To Bacteria In Vagina And Cervix

Autism And Male-Like Brains

How The Brain Processes Fear

10 Portions Of Fruit And Vegetables A Day

Unhealthy Diet Could Raise Risk Of Getting Cancer

People With Depression Twice As Likely To Die From A Heart Attack

All About HIV

Dr Elizabeth Blackwell

One Step Closer To A Zika Virus Cure

Illegal Party Drug Could Cure Depression

Lack of Sleep Reduces Memory Formation

The Science Behind Exam Stress

New Antibodies in Komodo Dragon Blood

Link Between Acne and Bacteria

Being a ‘Night Owl’ is a Genetic Problem

Scientists Find Bacteria That is Resistant to ‘Last Resort’ Antibiotics

Protein Responsible for Allergic Diseases has been Found Out

New Cystic Fibrosis Treatment

New ‘Smart Bandage’

How the Brain Responds To Exercise

The Art of Multitasking

Déjà Vu

Heart Valve Replacement and 3D Modelling

Why Does Hair Turn Grey?

Could Smelling Food Lead to Weight Gain?

Cause of Schizophrenia found in Type of Brain Cell

Probiotics instead of Antibiotics?

Energy Drinks Increase Risk of Drug Use?

Broken Bones

The Science Behind Romantic Relationships

Empty Calories

What is Empathy?

Why Do People Like Alcohol So Much?

How Parents Influence Genetic Mutations In Offspring

New Medical Discoveries

The Difference in Male and Female Brains

Developing Allergies

The Effect of Marijuana on the Brain

Increasing Brain Powers

Personalised Healthcare

Chromosomes ‘cheat’ their way into the cell

“Fault-Free’ Obesity

New Cell Death Mechanism

How to Scientifically Improve Concentration

What Really Happens When You Skip Breakfast

Switching Off Hunger in the Brain

Top Medical Research of 2017

Muscle Soreness After Exercise

The Science Behind Generosity

The ‘Baby Brain’ Phenomenon

The Link Between Being Autistic and Bilingual

Weight Loss Pills


Why Fidget Spinners Are Actually Harmful

Stress Eating

Vampire Syndrome

Adult Brain Cells Don’t Make New Memory Cells

Virtual Reality As A Treatment Of Paranoia

Learning In Your Sleep

Did You Have A Good Nights Sleep?

the Truth About Antidepressants

Anxiety and Waist Size

Health Benefits of Popular Foods

Vitamin D

Vitamin A

Home Remedies for Snoring

Dorothea Dix

Touching a Love One Could Cause Syncing of Brainwaves


The Epigenetic Clock

Top 5 Natural Antibiotics

The ‘Perfect Drug’ for Cancer Treatment

How Water Helps to Lose Weight

Natural Remedies for Acne

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