My name is Salma and I am a current year 12 student studying in London aspiring to study Medicine after completing my A-Levels. Following a very informative Medlink Intensive 2-day course at Nottingham University, I was motivated to take advice from the Medlink Team and use social media to my advantage and hopefully I will regularly post on all issues regarding the NHS, medicine, university applications and much more!

A quick summary of the Medlink Course

When we arrived on the 17th of December around midday, many of us were greeted by the wide variety of stalls from different organisations set out to inform and help you in terms of applying to medicine or veterinary medicine and getting in such as Kaplan which is a group who offer UKCAT and BMAT courses to ensure you get the best possible mark, almost like private tuition. And then there was St Georges University of Grenada who offered information on studying abroad. Once we signed ourselves in, we were given a bag of information and leaflets as well as stethoscopes and made our way to the auditorium where we would spend the majority of our 2 days.

As the days progressed, we sat in various lectures on Medical Admissions, how to use social media to your advantage, how to get that A* grade in Chemistry which is required at A-Level for almost all universities for medicine, information on studying abroad, interviews and entry exams (UKCAT or BMAT) which you will have to sit depending on your choice of university, if you were applying to Cambridge or Imperial say, you will have to sit the BMAT which is more GCSE Science based but if you were applying to Barts or Kings for example, you will sit the UKCAT which is several different styles of questions from verbal reasoning to abstract reasoning as well as situational judgement.

For those who are interested in studying medicine or even veterinary medicine I would highly recommend Medlink Intensive and not because I need to say that because I’m writing a blog via their website but because I really felt I gained so much more knowledge on medicine and admissions and confidence for when it comes to apply.

In the long run Medlink will support you all the way, soon we will be making our own GMO and writing a report on them as well as much more opportunities to come.

To summarise; for anyone in year 12 or going to be in year 12 and considering Medlink Intensive but may be put off because of the price or distance I would strongly recommend you try your best to get a place, I haven’t been to many other Medicine course like this but by comparing what is on offer, I can safely say you get a lot out of Medlink, for example to GMO, not many other people will have the same accomplishment so you will stand out from others in that aspect.

This post was longer than anticipated but I’m excited for the many posts to come!

Salma 🙂

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