A bit about me

My name is Sarah Bate and I am 14 years old (April 2012). All my life I have loved animals and about two years ago I decided that I may like to have a career in veterinary medicine. Since then I have been building my interest in this topic and exploring what it is like to be a vet and the issues which surround it.

I really love animals and have built up quite a menagerie over the years. We have a family dog called Simba and a cockatiel named Sam. I have two gorgeous guinea pigs named Nutmeg and Saffron and my sister has two cheeky chinchillas called Bracken and Breeze. As well as this we have lots and lots of fish!

On top my love of animals I have lots of other interests including playing the clarinet, piano and bassoon. Throughout my week I attend girls’ brigade, help at the local beaver scout colony, play in the school orchestra and do ballet as well as being part of Kent Schools Recorder Orchestra. I manage to juggle all this around studying for my GCSEs but I really enjoy everything I do and much of it counts towards my silver Duke of Edinburgh award which I am doing after completing my Bronze. This involves a lot of commitment but through it all I have fun and make loads of friends!

But my passion within the entire animal kingdom is owls. I have loved them since I can remember and have collected models, pictures, toys and much more now having a collection of over at least 200! I also enjoy learning more about them and sophisticating my interest.

Throughout this blog I hope to make explorations into the fascinating world of veterinary medicine, discovering new and interesting topics as well as voicing my own opinions.


September 2013

I am now 16 years old and having kept my blog for almost a year and half, I have been enjoying documenting my explorations into the world of veterinary medicine.

Last year I completed my GCSEs, gaining 13 A*s with which I was both delighted and shocked with. I am now studying Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Further Maths as well as the Extended Project Qualification and Critical Thinking at AS level. I hope that this will set me on track to succeed in becoming a vet.

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