Some Things To Do

New to Medlink – Create + Connect?

Here Are Some Things To Do to Get You Started!

Hello and welcome!  Now that you have joined Medlink – Create + Connect, here are 10 things you can do to familiarise yourself with the site and make the most of your experience with the Medlink Blog Community:

  • Take The Tour – From the HELP & SUPPORT menu you can ‘Take The Tour‘ and let us walk you through Medlink – Create + Connect.  Learn about the variety of features we provide to help you connect with colleagues, medical students and others, to share your ideas and collaborate.
  • Find Colleagues – Use the MEMBERS tab to find colleagues on Medlink – Create + Connect and who share your interests.  Search by names or other keywords.  Help us grow by inviting your colleagues who are not currently a part of the Medlink – Create + Connect Community.
  • Join Groups – The Medlink – Create + Connect community has created dozens of GROUPS reflecting the diverse interests of our members.  Explore the groups and get involved.
  • Start a BlogBlogging allows you to share your voice with the Medlink – Create + Connect community.  REGISTER & Setting Up your own Blog is easy.  Contribute to our robust blogging community and share your interests and passions.
  • Keep Up With the Latest News – The ‘ACTIVITY‘ tab on the menu lets you keep up with the latest updates across the site.
  • Explore our Help & Support Options – Our ‘HELP & SUPPORT‘ tab provides helpful solutions to frequent questions.

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