Should we carry on treating people with Alzheimer’s with medication or shall we halt medical treatment just let nature take its course, until a cure is found?

As I am hoping to study medicine when I finish school, I wanted to do my EPQ about something related to medicine. I am passionate about studying the brain, I find it amazing how one lump of grey matter can be responsible for everything a person says, and does. I have particularly been inspired by a book I recently read about the brain ‘The human Mind’. The book discus’s all the phenomena of the brain, and in relation to Alzheimer’s: how these phenomena can go wrong. I came to the decision to study about Alzheimer’s as dementia is a disease that I am personally familiar with, therefore I know what it’s like to deal with someone with dementia first hand, and therefore I can bring my personal experience into my final ideas. Also Alzheimer’s is an incurable disease, we know what causes Alzheimer’s and what the effect of the disease is, but as we still have no cure, I am curious about it, therefore would like to study more.

I intend to formulate an essay by the end of my project which ways up the pros and cons of administering and manufacturing of Alzheimer’s drugs.  I have chosen to do an essay as opposed to an artefact as an essay allows me to explain the neurological concepts in full detail and these concepts are vital in order for readers of my essay and for myself to make a valid conclusion about these medications. In the conclusion I will make my judgement, about whether we should carry on our current procedure with the drugs, or put the funding into research for finding a permanent cure. In my product there will be many facts and figures backing up both sides of the argument, and I hope to interview some Doctors from my local area on what their view is and include that in my project. In the conclusion I may choose to agree or disagree with these Doctors. 

An exert taken from my production log. I will be posting more as and when I update it.